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Why choose a name like 5678 Dance?

Choosing a name for any dance academy is always a difficult and agonising decision and believe me, there were hundreds of wild and varied combinations to add to the confusion.

In the end, it was looking at me straight in the face.

Swing and Rock n' Roll structure use a number (typically 3-4) of 6 or 8 count phrases and the opening dance step would begin on the 'and' 1 count.

So, to prepare any dancer for the starting step, there is usually a preparatory count of 5-6-7-8 'and' 1!

There you have it 5-6-7-8 Dance!

These pages are, well, about us. The next few pages are also about our dance styles, teaching methods, social events, clothing, dance safety and etiquette. We hope you find it to be of value to you on your dance journey. Enjoy!