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What do we teach?

First of all, we demonstrate the joy of partner dancing!

Regardless of dance styles, there are only so many ways one can move to the music and many dance instructors will already have a large repertoire under their belt or tights.

Around the framework of Swing and Rock n' Roll dance styles, we would like to develop and encourage with our learners a good sense of rhythm, musicality and Dance Connection. Add that to a healthy mix of dance moves and the result is a synergistic combination of dance-style and individual expression which begins to grow and evolve over time. New moves are born out of 'mistakes' on quite a few occasions, both past and present.

Remember.....have fun, it's only dancing and before you know it, you'll be burning up the floor or as the Hepcats put it - cut a rug.

We offer classes for absolute beginners through to advanced enthusiasts.