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What do I wear? And do I look good in this?

Comfortable clothing and shoes. The choice of shoes are important as dance surfaces do vary. A good shoe designed for dancing will make you dance better as they provide better support, control and stability. Look after your feet, wear good shoes! A towel will also soon become part of your 'dance kit' essentials as you continue along the journey of your dance experience. Check out Gorgeous Gear for some nifty shoes and clothing for your next social dance. Once you are truly hooked on this dance thang, invest in a shoe bag to carry your shoes and stuff.

Guys may want to have a spare shirt(s) handy for warm climes or energetic dancing sessions. This is a pretty high-energy activity, and sweating is an inevitable part of it.. Personal hygiene, fresh dry clothing and a nice scent goes a long way when dancing. A bit of deodorant for both guys and gals is recommended to keep everyone smelling fresh. A mint or two as well.

How safe is dancing?

Like any activity that involves movement, it is recommended that you consult your doctor/physician as to the suitability of this exercise before participating in the program. Sprains and various injuries could arise from time to time and 5678 Dance will not be held liable for any or all damages incurred should you decide to participate in our program.

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