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What is Dance Etiquette?

  • Smile. While you are dancing. At everyone. Your partner, friends, other dancers around you, the Band and DJ, even the Establishment. Remember we all love this dance and the more people that we can attract to it, the more it will grow (and the more people that we can ask to dance!).
  • If someone asks you to dance, say "Yes!" (and why not, "Yes, I'd love to," or "Yes, thank you for asking me!"). Regardless of what "level" of dancer they are. It could be the best dance of your could be the best dance of their life. Either way, it is more dancing and all fun.
  • Ask people to dance graciously. Gentlemen, offer your arm and lead the follow onto the floor. Protect her while you dance. Take care of her. Then thank her for the dance (maybe have another one!) and then escort her off the floor as graciously as you led her onto it.
  • Watch out! When dancing, keep an eye out for dancers around you when leading your partner to avoid collisions. In a crowded dance floor, dance small and conserve your dance space. Also, try to avoid straying into other dancers' space as well.