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  • Ouch! If you do happen to bump, kick, or otherwise strike another person, remember to acknowledge it, apologize for it, and give a humble smile and keep dancing.
  • Remember, please NO AERIALS except in jam sessions or competitions! Aerials are those moves where a partner is lifted off the floor...obviously these are not things you want to do in a crowded space, and run the risk of hitting someone.
  • If you must turn someone down, ask for a rain check. This keeps it from being an outright rejection. Then, later in the evening, TAKE THE RAIN CHECK! This let's them know that you don't just use rain checks as a euphemism for rejecting them.
  • If you are sitting a dance out and have just asked someone for a rain check, please don't dance with someone else on that song. We wish that this went without saying, too, but...just remember how lousy you'd feel if someone turned you down for a dance and thirty seconds later, you saw them dancing with someone else.
  • Applaud live musicians. As dancers, we often get so caught up in the dancing or our partners that we forget that sometimes there are actual live musicians providing us with the music! They are an extremely vital part of a good dance. Show them some appreciation!
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